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About the 6 LifeStyle

Forget the TDot, Big Smoke and Hogtown.

If you’re not calling Toronto The Six then you’re not down with the times.

Popularized by the global Music icon drake who himself attributed the creation of the name to local rapper Jimmy Prime, the new nickname has been accepted by celebrities, athletes and Torontonians alike.

The roots of the nickname lie in Toronto’s two popular area codes 416 and 647, and the fact that the megacity is comprised of what was originally six boroughs. It’s one of the most famous handles the city has ever been given and one its residents are definitely proud to display.

The 6 Lifestyle is dedicated to producing clothing and accessories that allow the residents of Toronto, along with its fans, the ability to show their love for the city. We invite designs to be submitted by all members of The Six, including you. If you would like to see your design produced as a limited edition The Six T-shirt or baseball hat do not hesitate to send it our way.

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